"A sketchbook is a secret thing, a collection of unfinished and often times abandoned ideas never intended for public consumption—at least not in their current state. It’s a private space for honing one’s craft and workshopping, separating good ideas from those best left unexplored." -Brian Heater at The Daily Cross Hatch.

16 February 2010



Often when I drift off into a Walter Mitty-like reverie about putting to sea, holystoning is not something I fantasize about. That gig must've SUCKED. Seriously. When looking for holystoning pictures, I found some as recent as 1965. Far out man. For some strange reason (maybe "sloth"), I left the pencils in on this one.
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  1. How u do these type of work? U use pencil and ink? nice job

  2. @JRon: I used a 000 red sable watercolor brush and sumi ink for this one. The drawing was initially made with a 2H pencil.