"A sketchbook is a secret thing, a collection of unfinished and often times abandoned ideas never intended for public consumption—at least not in their current state. It’s a private space for honing one’s craft and workshopping, separating good ideas from those best left unexplored." -Brian Heater at The Daily Cross Hatch.

07 February 2010

Cold is the Sea Ship's Chandlery

Due to popular demand, I've opened up a store at Cafe Press. I'm also trying to open one up on Zazzle because I really like those t-shirts- but it's hard manipulating an image for use on their products. I'm going to keep working at it though. (I'm a fan of Zazzle products). But in the meantime, here's my Cafe Press store: http://www.cafepress.com/coldisthesea. Don't forget to order a beer stein and undies with your order. (The beer stein's are very cool- I have one from another project and use it regularly...) Here's the original image, by the way.

Please take some time to stroll through my site and give me your two cents about what images you'd like to see offered on apparel, better venues than Cafe Press, etc. This is a work in progress.

Here's the Zazzle Store- http://bit.ly/JollyJackTarTeeOpaque needs some tweaking. I'm having a hard time with the contrast here...Not a very user-friendly interface. But you get more options with Zazzle including American Apparel tees. I'm guessing the contrast is off in the image because they manipulate it to fit on the contours of the model's shirt. (This is getting way too "Rene Magritte" for me to process...)