"A sketchbook is a secret thing, a collection of unfinished and often times abandoned ideas never intended for public consumption—at least not in their current state. It’s a private space for honing one’s craft and workshopping, separating good ideas from those best left unexplored." -Brian Heater at The Daily Cross Hatch.

18 November 2009

Sailors, New and Old

I did a bunch of sketching today at work. On the left is an image I took from a photo by the intrepid, independent journalist Michael Yon. Judging by the badge on his load bearing equipment this was a surface warfare trained sailor who was assigned to protect an oil platform in the North Arabian Gulf. (I smudged out the face because I got the proportions horribly wrong). On the right is 1950's era petty officer Joe McGrogan of the USS New DD-DDE 818, doing his best James Dean.
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