"A sketchbook is a secret thing, a collection of unfinished and often times abandoned ideas never intended for public consumption—at least not in their current state. It’s a private space for honing one’s craft and workshopping, separating good ideas from those best left unexplored." -Brian Heater at The Daily Cross Hatch.

12 October 2009

1960's Destroyerman and Shipwreck Central.

I'm still getting sorted out here with my new computer and the "Gimp" (I haven't gotten out of mourning for my lost Photoshop program). I figured I'd just start uploading sketches and doodles for the time being.

These drawings are details from a former Destroyerman's online photo album. I think they were still wearing their "dixie cup" hats into the 1960's, so that's where I'd date the reference for this sketch.

In other more interesting news I FOUND THIS: SHIPWRECK CENTRAL! It's an interactive map of all known shipwreck sites.
Some of them even have video...Incredible, no?
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